sod , natural lawn

Sod , ready lawn rolls of natural turf from the certified with  ISO company GRASTIS from selected varieties ideal for the climatic conditions of Greece, in order to have the best results ! In this category you can find the varieties available that cover all the needs summarized for each case we have: Dionysus, Grastis: resistant varieties of coolseason fescue arountinatsea for sun or shade, cold or heat, sea or mountain, suitable for homes, parks, and private tennis, with high resistance to use. Thera and Platinum : the subtropical varieties , low maintenance, perfect appearance, resistance to touch, low haircut, for sun and shade, the perfect solution for the Greek islands, and all parties with little watering, water with salinity , by the sea and sewage waters. Alcazar: fescue mixtures, grass and lolioum suitable for football fields, and houses with narrowleaf appearance. Dichondra or Trifyllaki: variety dichondras (trifyllaki), ideal for premises without haircut, minimal maintenance and resistant shade. The prices include the delivery within Attica with VAT , least delivery amounts over 20 sm ! We deliver sod  with agents throughout Greece, also we can take the installation  for your lawn across Greece   . See our projects with natural grass:

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